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Noodle Analytics, Inc.

What We Do offers pioneering business solutions in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, a unique collaboration among business executives, process experts, and artificial intelligence technologies (e.g., machine learning, predictive data analytics, data science).  We create and implement these solutions to solve complex business challenges and drive dramatic improvements in customer, product, and enterprise operations. 




Former top executives from IBM, GE Digital, Infosys, and MicroStrategy; and leading private equity firm TPG Growth, have joined forces to launch Noodle Analytics, Inc. (, the Enterprise Artificial Intelligence company. Perspective

Artificial Intelligence technologies will be the most significant competitive differentiator in business over the next 3 to 5 years. provides high value, rapid, and affordable Enterprise AI solutions. 

Stephen Pratt

CEO of Noodle Analytics, Inc.

TPG Perspective

Our portfolio companies asked repeatedly for a data science company that could apply powerful AI technologies to improve their operations. We did not see the right company in the market, so we decided to start one. The leadership team brings an exceptional combination of talents and expertise.

Nehal Raj

Partner at TPG


How is different

Most AI companies focus narrowly on technology. Most consulting firms focus narrowly on business processes. combines the hard sciences of AI technologies and business process optimization with the arts of organizational change and design thinking—all optimized to help you succeed quickly and affordably.



Let us help you harness the power of Enterprise AI.