Bringing the power of Enterprise AI to the executive desktop.

Let’s get something out of the way: artificial intelligence solutions are not magic, they are just math. And lots of data. And very fast computers. And yes, humans too.

At Noodle.ai we work with you to use big math, big data, and big processors to get better answers to your big questions.

Specifically, we train learning algorithms on large diverse data sets, optimized on supercomputers, to answer questions like these more precisely:

  • What prices should I set to maximize customer lifetime value?
  • How much inventory will optimize return on equity?
  • How should I engage with each customer to create net promoters?
  • What manufacturing schedule will optimize return on invested capital?

At their core, Noodle.ai Solutions help executives make better decisions and ask better questions.

Explanations of AI can be daunting, impenetrable, and black box-y.  At Noodle.ai we take the opposite approach and strive to be explainers-in-chief and glass box-y.  We respect that our clients are smart, critical thinkers who deserve an intelligent explanation of the techniques and underlying functions of their Enterprise AI solutions.



AI is a challenge to rethink thinking

You and fellow executives have skills that are uniquely human: developing strategies, asking insightful questions, discovering new inspirations, leading teams, getting things done.  These skills are exceptionally versatile and powerful and have created a thriving global economy. 

As humans, we also have areas where our skills (read brains) are limited.  We innately are poor probabilistic thinkers and statisticians and we are highly susceptible to cognitive biases that push our thinking one way or another with little merit.  We make key decisions based on inaccurate estimates and on misunderstandings of prior events. 

Luckily, we live in an era (post 2010) where abundant data and processing power, combined with advanced predictive algorithms can help us shore up our inherent limitations. In a nutshell, Noodle.ai solutions help executive teams increase the precision with which they make important business decisions.  We help clients rethink thinking. 

Noodle.ai is a rare blend of experts in:


Business Operations

Our client services team is composed of former top executives from IBM, GE, Boston Consulting Group, Infosys, and MicroStrategy. They work with your process experts to ensure AI solutions are implemented where they will provide the most value for your business. 

AI Supercomputing

Our supercomputing engineers have built and deployed The BEAST—Enterprise AI Supercomputing Technology. Technology is at the core of today’s AI transformation, and decision precision is a function of algorithms and brute computational strength.

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (aka Data Science) is a team sport.  We have a large and diverse group of Ph.D. and Masters level mathematicians, statisticians, and specialists in many subfields of AI.  Our solutions are developed using a wide range of these skills and are tailored to your individual circumstances.


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